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Speaking at the Better Business Bureau Better Business Bureau of Roanoke, VA

Bob Farmer recently spoke at the Better Business Bureau of Roanoke, VA. 
Pictured right is Bob with Mayor Ralph Smith of Roanoke, VA (left) and then-Chairperson Samuel B. Long of Miller, Long & Associates, Inc. (right)


You were fabulous – an absolutely perfect fit for our group!   You made my job easier… and I’m very grateful!
Rachel H. Reaid, Meeting Planner, 
Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia


You really made this convention planner look great!
John H. McCulley, Executive Secretary,
Oregon Fairs Association


Any crowd, small or large, would be captivated with your gifted storytelling!
Carol Grubaugh, Program Manager, 
Mount Vernon, OH Chamber of Commerce


What a pleasure it was to laugh and think about the funny things we do in life. You actually gave me a new perspective about life and recharged my everyday batteries.
Terry C. McCurdy
Twin Falls Area Chamber


You know how it is when your side hurts from laughing for so long? Bob, I've never laughed so hard in my life. You certainly have a knack for using humor to wrap up a meaningful, memorable message. Your positive outlook on life is contagious!
Thane Paulsen,
President of Paulsen Marketing, Sioux Falls, SD


You are the GREATEST!! I mean the story where the little boy told his father, "What's GOD want with a dead cat …" I thought the roof was coming down from laughter.
Hewitt Wilkinson,
Irvin H. Whitehouse & Sons Co.


Thank you so much for providing us with a delightful evening. All comments have praised your presentation and your warm, friendly and personable interaction with those attending the banquet.
Teeter Pate,
Central Louisiana Better Business Bureau


Your wonderful sense of humor and ability to express it are gifts from God.
Herbert F. Naville,
New Albany, Indiana


As I write this, I keep remembering the guy sitting near me who was laughing hysterically and banging his fist on the table while you were telling one of your stories. It does people good to laugh that hard.
Lisa Staggs Hermann,
Butler Rural Electric


Your humorous "down-home" anecdotes and stories were great and the linkage to effective communications skills made it informative as well.
Michael L Patterson, VP/Marketing Director,
First Federal Savings Bank


Thank you doesn't even begin to express how truly grateful I am for your wonderful presentation at the Mexico Chamber’s Ag Dinner. I have had numerous compliments from the farmers and their sponsors who attended the dinner regarding how much they have enjoyed your unique humor. Some even commented that they would love to meet Uncle C. G. and Uncle Wee Wee.
Franci Chrisman Mexico,
MO Chamber of Commerce


On behalf of BancFlorida's staff, I wish to express appreciation for the unique presentation you made at our associates meeting. You had just the right mix of motivation and humor to make your message heard and remembered.
Ernie Malone, First Vice President,
BancFlorida Corporate Marketing


I'm looking forward to that time when we'll share the platform, Bob. In the meantime, keep up the good work … SEE YOU AT THE TOP!
Zig Ziglar


All the comments were very good and your presentation was most enjoyable!
Vivian Clements,
Alabama Feed & Grain Association


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